Maintain That Shine - Kitchen Cleaning Tips

May 04, 2023

Keeping a kitchen tidy and hygienic can be challenging, especially in busy households or workplaces. However, it's essential to keep those surfaces and appliances clean between professional cleaning sessions to ensure a healthy environment and prevent the buildup of grime and bacteria. Here are some tips for maintaining the shine that Brown Janitorial Services leaves behind until it’s time for your next session with us!

1. Wash Dishes As You Go

One of the most effective ways to maintain a clean kitchen is to clean as you go. This means washing dishes as you use them, rather than letting them pile up. If you have a dishwasher, make sure you are rinsing your dishes and loading them into the dishwasher right away, so you can simply turn it on and forget about it when it’s full. Doing your dishes a little at a time keeps them from becoming a larger, more exhausting chore, and prevents the need for excessive “pre-cleaning” when you’re ready for professionals to come and do their stuff!

2. Regularly Clean Countertops and Surfaces

Countertops and surfaces are where most of the cooking and food preparation happens, and they can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. Wipe down countertops and surfaces regularly with a natural cleaning product to keep them visibly clean, and prevent the build-up of invisible germs. And, of course, don’t forget the stove and sink!

3. Sweep and Mop Floors

Let’s face it– nothing makes a room look spotless faster than a quick clean of the floor. Make sure to sweep or vacuum before mopping to get rid of any loose debris. Then use a natural cleaning product and warm water to mop the floors, and ensure they are thoroughly dry before walking on them.

4. Don’t Just Empty the Trash – Clean the Can!

Trash cans can become a breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odors. Empty the trash regularly to prevent the buildup of waste, and go a little further by wiping down the outside of the can, as well as the lid. Before you replace the trash liner, scrub out the inside with hot water, dish soap, and a rag. You’ll be glad you took the extra time to maintain it when you realize the trash odor you were getting so sick of is suddenly gone!

5. Don't Forget the Fridge and Cabinets

The fridge and cabinets can be forgotten, since they collect food soil less readily than other surfaces. But don’t neglect them! A quick wipe-down whenever the shelves are less full can make a world of difference in your kitchen. Take care of any spills from things stored in the shelves right away, and we promise you’ll notice the difference in the way your fridge smells right away.

In conclusion, maintaining a clean kitchen between professional cleaning sessions is essential for a healthy and hygienic environment. By cleaning as you go, regularly wiping down surfaces, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning the trash can, and caring for the fridge and cabinets, you can prevent the buildup of grime and bacteria. These simple tips can make the task of cleaning the kitchen much easier and ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and your family or colleagues.